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Matt and satin surfaces look fantastic on vases, so our Super range is perfect for giving your old ones a new lease of life. We’ve used contrasting yet subtle shades to create an up-to-date classic look, but you could choose colours which match your scheme to pick out highlights in fabrics or wallpaper.


Your'll Need

  • Old vases
  • Newspaper
  • Super Matt Warm Aubergine, Super Satin Everglade

Hints & Tips

Vases look great in pairs - try them coupled on your bedside table or either side of your mantelpiece

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Step by step guide

  • Choose your vases. You may already have an old one hidden in your loft, if not these can be purchased reasonably cheaply from high street home furnishings stores. Or try your local car boot sale, second hand shop or online auction.

  • We used two Super colours, but there are many to choose from. If the vase's original finish is particularly glossy or damaged, you may want to use Super Primer to give a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to.

  • Clean the surface with a damp cloth and allow it to dry before proceeding.

  • Note: Always follow usage instructions on the reverse of PlastiKote Spray Paint cans.

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